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White Lotus Pendant

White Lotus Pendant

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  • Available in Solid 14K gold
  • Available in Solid 925 sterling silver
  • Vermeil is Polished silver with 2.5 micron 18K yellow gold plating
  • Antique sterling silver with recessed details that are blackened achieves a steampunk look

Introducing the "White Lotus Bloom" Pendant - A Symbol of Unity and Wisdom

Explore the allure of the ancient "White Lotus Bloom" pendant, available in solid 14K Gold and Sterling Silver. Inspired by the pursuit of wisdom and unity, this pendant embodies the essence of a revered society.

Formed by scholars from diverse backgrounds, the Order originated as a club where masters challenged each other in the Pai Sho game. The pendant's design features a bloomed lotus bud, echoing their unique communication method through Pai Sho tiles.

Embrace the spirit of the White Lotus, a society that transcends boundaries and seeks harmony in all aspects of life. Wear this pendant as a symbol of unity and enlightenment on your personal journey.

Unite with those seeking truth and beauty - own the "White Lotus Bloom" pendant today.

We carefully handcraft each piece to order, prioritizing quality above all else. To ensure that your item is created to perfection, fulfillment typically takes around 1-2 weeks. Rest assured, once your item is ready, we will promptly notify you as it ships. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out, and we'll be happy to assist you. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to providing you with a high-quality item.
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Yessenia Villarreal
White Lotus pendant

Great pendant love it!!